St Thomas More Catholic School Logo and me on holiday.

Hi everyone. Here is the beginning of my blog where I will attempt to record the next six months of my Teacher Fellowship with the Royal Society and also my time at TiDA who are my host organisation.

I confess I had forgotten how hard it is to create a blog with all those buttons and pages you need to make everything do what it is supposed to do. This process was filled with trial and error and most of that was due to my error but I got there in the end. 

This frustrating experience is just one of many learning experiences I have had lately that has challenged my confidence as a learner and I am certain there will be many more around the corner. Learning is hard work and to succeed you need to keep encouraging yourself every step of the journey. I will need to use my Head, Heart and Hands.

And so like so many students that have begun the new school year at St Thomas More School with a new classroom, unfamiliar classmates and a teacher they may barely know I have found myself in a similar situation. To be honest I have found all these changes quite challenging.Therefore it has brought home to me how difficult it can be to re-orientate yourself to so many changes. Change can be very scary I think....

However along with some anxiety there is also an anticipation that I will get to see and do lots of new things that could not have happened without this opportunity coming my way. And so thank you to all those people who have made this possible. I will endeavour to do my best and make the most of the time allotted me. I will keep you posted on my Journey....


Me with an electron microscope pretending to be a scientist.

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