Teacher Fellowship

Royal Society building in Wellington close to the Beehive.

The Royal Society is helping to improve the Teaching of Science in New Zealand schools by providing teachers with these exciting learning opportunities. The course is broken into two bits. The first six months means I won’t be teaching at school but will be busy working and learning in a science organisation and also travelling to Wellington and Dunedin. Over this time the 38 teachers from around the country will be:
1.  Developing a better understanding of what science is by watching and working with scientists in their scientific host organisation. My host is called TiDA. This experience will help us figure out what are the scientific happenings going on in everyday situations and the places we visit. Then we can help children do the same thing.

2.  Travelling to Wellington so we can learn from experienced teachers how to teach science successfully in the classroom as well as having fun doing it.

3.  Learning how to be in charge of science teaching at their school. We will gather new knowledge and learn strategies in the Leadership Training Course in Dunedin so will be able to do a good job when we come back to school in Term 3.

4.  Working to improve the teaching of science at their school by working with the Principal and teachers so everyone can enjoy the learning and work together to do scientific investigations.
Here are the science teachers I am learning with.Wheres Wally? Can you see me?

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